Inglês nas Quebradas

As aulas de inglês na UQ, foram uma novidade deste semestre. Com propostas acessíveis e muito bom humor, Leslie Damasceno trabalhou com uma turma de quebradeiros, que compareceu assiduamente, uma hora mais cedo, aos nossos encontros de terças feiras.

Vejam que interessante algumas atividades realizadas nestas aulas:

Historinha tonta de amores perversos


1. Google Work:
a.  Coloque a historinha abaixo em inglês no google tradutor para escutá -la em inglês.  (Não se assustem com o sotaque americano que parece estar anunciando vôo de avião.  É bom ouvir várias vezes.)
b.  Veja a tradução para o português para ver o que acontece.

2. Entre no jogo!  Escreva uma ou duas frases dando opiniões sobre esses amores e/ou criando uma sequência para enredo.  As frases devem sair em inglês, então se tiverem dúvidas sobre o inglês, coloquem no google tradutor.  Qualquer ‘erro’ vai ser divertido, com certeza.  Não precisam me mandar, mas tragam as frases para aula para a gente poder brincar.  Romances de Edições Abril!!

3. Na aula [tudo em inglês] vamos ler a historinha em voz alta, tirando dúvidas sobre a narrativa, vocabulário, ortografia, etc..

4. Conversação: Vamos desenvolver juntos um desfecho para a historia, a partir das frases que vocês criaram.


Silly Little Love Story

Jane’s in love with John.  John’s in love with Jim.  But Jim doesn’t love anybody, except his cat.  Maybe his dog, too.  His dog and cat sleep together, but I don’t know if that means anything.  Wait!  Another person is coming into the story, Anita.  Anita thinks that Jim is very hot, handsome and cool.  She spends the night at his place every now and then.  But she’s not sure about Jim.  I think it’s a case of pure passion, maybe just sex. Besides, there are dog and cat hairs all over Jim’s bed, and his feet smell horribly.  He never changes his socks.

Enough of this nonsense!  What do you think is going to happen to these people?  Will Jane find true love?  Does true love exist?  And John?  Will Anita get fed up and run off with Jim’s dog?  (Some say he’s really good in bed!).

Help me end this story.  Do we kill them all off and invent new characters?  Do you have a better idea, if so please tell me?


PART TWO:  According to Clarice, what happens is this: Jane and John and Jim get together as a threesome, and that works fine.  Especially since the cat and dog run off to get married.  Did they go to Reno? Or Porto Alegre?   Where can dogs and cats get legally married in Brazil?

But!  The big question remains unanswered.  Does true love exist?  Tom is decidedly skeptical.  Has he ever been in love?   I apologize Tom if that’s an indiscreet personal question. You don’t have to answer.  But you may if you want to.

Well, that’s all for this week, folks.  Put it on Google translator to see how the American Airlines voice pronounces part two of our silly little love story.  And, don’t forget to write up an answer for our story.  If you do, then you can get ‘published’ in our journal.  Unfortunately, it won’t do anything for your CV.

Hugs and kisses, until Tuesday.


Músicas: Uma atividade frequente também foi o trabalho com as letras de músicas fortes como esta de James Brown:

James Brown: “King Heroin”

Ladies and Gentlemen
Fellow Americans
Lady Americans
This is James Brown
I wanna talk to you about one of our
Most deadly
Killers in the country today
I had a dream the other night, and I
Was sittin’ in my living room
Dozed off to sleep
So I start to dreamin’
I dreamed I walked in a place and
I saw a real strange, weird object
Standin’ up talkin’ to the people
And I found out it was Heroin
That deadly drug that go in your veins
He says:
I came to this country without a passport
Ever since then I’ve been hunted and sought
My little white grains are nothin’ but waste
Soft and deadly and bitter to taste
I’m a world of power and all know it’s true
Use me once and you’ll know it, too
I can make a mere schoolboy forget his books
I can make a world-famous beauty neglect her looks
I can make a good man forsake his wife
Send a greedy man to prison for the rest of his life
I can make a man forsake his country and flag
Make a girl sell her body for a five-dollar bag
Some think my adventure’s a joy and a thrill
But I’ll put a gun in your hand and make you kill
In cellophane bags I’ve found my way
To heads of state and children at play
I’m financed in China, ran in Japan
I’m respected in Turkey and I’m legal in Siam
I take my addicts and make ‘em steal, borrow, beg
Then they search for a vein in their arm or their leg
So, be you Italian, Jewish, Black or Mex
I can make the most virile of men forget their sex
So now, no, my man, you must (you know) do your best
To keep up your habit until your arrest
Now the police have taken you from under my wing
Do you think they dare defy me, I who am king?
Now, you must lie in that county jail
Where I can’t get to you by visit or mail
So squirm – with discomfort – wiggle and cough (hack!)
Six days of madness, hah! You might throw me off
Curse me in name! Defy me in speech!
But you’d pick me up right no if I were in your reach
All through your sentence you’ve become resolved to your fate
Hear now! younng man and woman, I’ll be waitin’ at the gate
Don’t be afraid, don’t run! I’m not chased
Sure my name is Heroin! You’ll be back for a taste
Behold, you’re hooked!
Your foot is in the stirrup
And make — haste!
Mount the steed!
And ride him well
For the white horse of heroin
Will ride you to Hell!
To Hell!
Will ride you to Hell!
Until you are dead!
Dead, brother! Dead!
This is a revolution of the mind
Get your mind together
And get away from drugs!
That’s the man!
Back! Back

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